current work

Here’s a feed of my most recent artwork and other interesting things along my way. It includes all of my coffee bag paintings for #the100dayproject (30 days in, as of this writing), which ended July 10, other art news, and incidentals. Follow me on Instagram at @alimoncrieffpaints to see more.

I have just completed #the100dayproject which started April 2 and ran through July 10, 2019! I created one painting on one Peet’s Coffee bag per day for 100 days. All of my coffee bag paintings are or will be available in my art shop.

I currently have prints available at the excellent Abrams Claghorn Gallery in Albany. (Complete CV is forthcoming.)

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The Abrams Claghorn Gallery is a beautiful space for Bay Area art. Visit & explore fine art and fine art prints, artisan foods, ceramics, functional designs, textile art, jewelry, and much more.