Art is an elixir for living

Born & raised in Monte Sereno, California, I write poetry, paint, and enjoy life with my family in Oakland, my home for 30 years. I earned a BA in English from Mills College in 1990 and have worked as a landscape designer, government public affairs writer, bookseller, and editor. I have always needed to make things and write things and create. My favorite job by far has been raising our 2 children, from whom I have learned how to love my own creativity. I am self-taught as a painter & began painting in 2014. I work out of my home studio.

Explore my poetry here.


I am painting the edges of and questions inside my emotions. Using my voice has always been at the core of my work, whether poetry or painting or design. Not because I’ve been great at using my voice but because I am always trying to figure out if and how to use it! I also love writing letters and passing notes. I write notes to people in my paintings. My body writes me notes through painting. Grief and anger are natural gifts to us and often shunned and misunderstood in our culture. Linking images and color with expression and allowance and acceptance of all emotions, touching the cores of our losses and honoring them so they resonate with the viewer, is what I hope to be doing.

I have shown at Inkblot Gallery in Alameda, and Abrams Claghorn Gallery in Albany, where my some of my prints and paintings are currently available.

Here is a feed of my most recent painting process and other incidentals. Follow me on Instagram at @alimoncrieffpaints .

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The Abrams Claghorn Gallery is a beautiful space for Bay Area art. Visit & explore fine art and fine art prints, artisan foods, ceramics, functional designs, textile art, jewelry, and much more.