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Born and raised in Los Gatos, CA (located in the late Santa Clara Valley), Alison now lives and works in Oakland, CA, her home for over 30 years. She earned a bachelor of arts degree in English from Mills College (1990) and has occupied herself as a dog walker, bra fitter, classified ad clerk, government public affairs writer, bookseller, computer book editor, garden designer & columnist, mom, poet, & artist.


Here is a feed of my most recent painting process and other incidentals. Follow me at @alimoncrieffpaints on Instagram.

I started painting in 2015 after a friend loaned me her copy of Flora Bowley's Brave Intuitive Painting, which led to me experimenting on my own and then signing up for Flora's Bloom True Ecourse. Working with Flora's methods for awhile led me into my own style.

I usually paint with acrylics on canvas (though I am starting to love paper). I work in my basement, usually at night, and my painting style is abstract and intuitive. I don't make plans in my head before or during painting. These days my paintings can contain empty dresses, dreams, birds, symbols, signs, numbers and words, all there in spirit whether layered under or floating on top. 

Late in 2016, I set the goal of painting every day of 2017. I think I missed 4 days total, and I reached my goals: to develop a painting habit and to intentionally do something I love on a daily basis. So many amazing things came my way last year, even though I never went looking for them s. I had two painting shows in nearby galleries (Inkblot Gallery in Alameda and Abrams Claghorn Gallery in Albany), and I connected with countless artists, local and far-flung, who influenced my artwork and my way of living as an artist.

My painting  you can do anything" appeared in The East Bay Review's 10th issue, elegantly paired with Christina Gardner's story  "First Down." Another of my paintings "Bather" is on the cover of the Winter 2018 issue of Free State Review

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The Abrams Claghorn Gallery is a dreamy space for local art. Plan a visit to explore original fine art and fine art prints, artisan foods, ceramics, functional designs, textile art, jewelry, and much more.