don draper checks the window came out in September of 2017 from dancing girl press & studio.  I was watching Mad Men. It started with "Don Draper in the Fetal Position," which is about having compassion for yourself because I felt protective of Don Draper but not of me. Then I imagined Don interacting with other characters like Jane Eyre, so I could get the good in him to show. The book is about empathy if it's about something. Handmade by Kristy Bowen with cover art by me, don draper checks the window has poems about Don & Jane Eyre's time-travel interaction, Beauty and the Beast, gaslighting, Cocacola, & more. Buy your copy from dancing girl press! 

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Cherrystem was published by Finishing Line Press in May, 2017. These poems are rumors, dream snippets, memories of cartoons & meals & hospital visits & humans. It's a book of everyday mourning. Cover art by Sandra Wong Orloff.   

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